From sex god to giggle bug in 5 seconds.


From sex god to giggle bug in 5 seconds.

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AU series: One direction meets Geordie Shore.

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Teen Wolf AU: based on this post

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When people ask me to lead them in prayer

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[Painting of Death as a spectral nanny taking a child and infant away from their bereaved family.  A detail shows the family’s house number is 1918.]

I never realized this until seeing the detail, but this painting is most likely about the flu pandemic.

it’s really interesting seeing death portrayed as a woman 

Especially a a nurturer rather than a destroyer

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just got dumped Stiles

just got cheated on Stiles, heartbroken Stiles.

one night stand Stiles, watching the sun rise, can’t go home Stiles.

ultimatum Stiles, can’t do this anymore Stiles.

waiting, waiting, waiting for Derek to show up Stiles, he promised, they promised each other, he thought he’d come.

Always darkest before the dawn

He promised. 

Derek had promised. 

Stiles trusted him. Stiles believed in him. 

What was more, Stiles believed in them. 

They got off to a rough start but with a guy with a personality like Stiles’ and a man whose life has been one let down after another, nobody figured it would be rainbows and sunshine. 

A relationship like theirs would take work. Hard work. The kind of hard work that could break a bone, strain muscle, but in the end result, it proved to be worth it. More than worth it. 

It had taken him such a long time to get Derek to agree to this. Agree to them. First it had been the I’m too old for you. Anyone could have seen that one coming. But with Stiles turning eighteen soon, that argument had been squashed instantly. Derek would have to try better than that. 

Try he had, using every argument in the book that fit. Stiles had argued against them all like Harvey freakin’ Specter and like Harvey, he’d closed the deal and won the case. Derek had finally agreed, they kissed for the first time—only really it was a full on make out session completely with hair tugging and body groping, and had incorporated their first, second, and probably third kisses all in one.

Then Derek had stopped it and told Stiles that he couldn’t do it just yet. Yes, he wanted; no, he wasn’t making more excuses. He just had one more thing to do. The pack had one more thing to do on the current monster of the week, and after he made it out of that, they could do it. 

They could be together. 

Stiles agreed. His only requirement of this agreement was that he drove Derek to where he needed to go for his part of the plan. Stiles would wait in the Jeep with his trusty bat. 

Stiles had pulled up and as Derek went to leave the Jeep, Stiles pulled him back by the shirt and kissed him hard. 

"You’d better come back, Derek, or I’ll—"

He was silenced by another kiss. 

"I’ll come back. Promise."

Then he was gone. Stiles watched him until he was devoured by the shadows and darkness of the forest. Stiles continued to watch the last spot he’d seen the other. 

The seconds ticked on. Then it was minutes. Then half an hour. An hour. Now two. 

It didn’t matter that Derek should have been back by now. It didn’t matter that Derek hadn’t called and yet he had countless missed calls from Scott, Lydia, and his dad. 

It didn’t matter that his body felt as if he’d taken another leisurely dip in an ice bath. His heart was beating so rapidly, the sound so loud in his ear, he was certain that it would sound like a war drum had anyone else been around. It didn’t matter to him that his name had been the third cipher. 

None of it mattered. Nothing mattered except for one fact he couldn’t—he wouldn’t—let go. 

Derek had promised.

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Our selection of the top ten abandoned places we would visit if we weren’t so scared!

What the hell is that disco ball lookin place toward the end?

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